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Startup Digest Reading List: Modern Analytic Stacks, LP Updates, and Open Source Office Hours

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Startup Digest Reading List

A curated list of the top stories in technology, startups, and venture capital.

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Digest’s Reading List, a curated list of the top stories in technology, startups, and venture capital.
One of our most recent portfolio companies in the data infrastructure & privacy sector is looking to add their first product manager to the team to help shape the direction of their initial product.
If you’re interested in joining, I’d be happy to introduce you to the team, send me a note > 
Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital, former Greylock Partners. More about me.

Big Tech News Last Week
  • Another week another tech company slated to go public -> Coursera and their S-1 Filing
  • Okta also made a large acquisition of Auth0 for $6.5B, here is their M&A deck
  • Senators are pushing for broadband services to include a minimum of 100Mbps both upstream and downstream.
  • Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter - all came together to create the data transfer project, an open source data portability platform. Very cool if this is actually adopted. 
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Chris McCann Chris McCann - General Partner @ Race Capital, former Greylock Partners
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