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Startup Digest Reading List: Food Delivery, Infrastructure Moderation, and NFT's

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Startup Digest Reading List

A curated list of the top stories in technology, startups, and venture capital.

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Digest’s Reading List, a curated list of the top stories in technology, startups, and venture capital.
I was quoted in an article about Bitclout, one of the most wild experiments I have seen. It allows creators to be directly tokenized and people to trade their favorites. If you’re in, check out my profile >, definitely worth playing around with even just for learning’s sake. If you need the password send me a message and happy to send you one too. 
Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital, former Greylock Partners. More about me.

Big Tech News Last Week
Deep Dive Posts
  • An analysis of the food delivery business, particularly its impact on the restaurants themselves. TLDR - It’s not pretty.
  • A look at some of the decisions infrastructure providers (ex. Stripe, Azure, Cloudflare, etc.) in terms of modering their upstream users. Valuable for all founders building companies in the infrastructure layers.
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have blown up in popularity but they are still hard to understand. This is one of the best explanations I have read so far.  
  • My partner Alfred Chuang (former CEO of BEA Systems) did a podcast about venture capital, our firm, and our investment thesis.
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Chris McCann Chris McCann - General Partner @ Race Capital, former Greylock Partners
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